Beyond Borders: Understanding the in between

What is the in-between space in dance as we navigate between traditions and the contemporary?

Why is it relevant in today’s space for dancemaking and performing?

What are some of the sensitivities that come along with this practice of the in-between? How does it bring about connection across generations and cultures?

Join us for a dialogue session featuring dance practitioners/researchers such as Dr Joseph Gonzales, Anita Ratnam, Raghav Handa and Liz Lea with moderator Dr Caren Carino, as we unpack what it means to practice in the “in-between” and how this creates a space to reimagine what dance and performance means to us. This dialogue is intended to act as a springboard for further conversations about how we can continue pushing boundaries while nurturing sensitivity towards the dilemmas faced in the navigation of the in-between.

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